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Community Guidelines

This is a safe and judgement-free space for moms working in tech to connect and support each other. This community is designed specifically for moms who already work in technology related industries. It’s not meant for tech hobbyists, students, or others trying to break into tech.

“Tech” includes any role at a tech company, and any tech role at a non-tech company. For example, sales at a software company, developer at a bank, etc. “Tech” also includes all flavors, such a bio tech. “Mom” includes anyone who is currently a mom and those who are trying to become a mom. Only people who identify as women are allowed to be members of our Facebook group.

DISCLAIMER: The Moms in Tech Facebook groups, website, and blogs are part of Moms in Tech LLC and are operated by volunteers. Moms in Tech is not responsible for any advice, suggestions, or information given in the group. Any posts or comments from a member, moderator, or administrator of the group reflects their own opinions and experiences and are not intended as professional advice. Your decisions are yours alone and we are in no way responsible for your actions.

Privacy for our members is critical to keep this group a safe place. You must not share screenshots or directly copy any content, including posts, photos, and/or comments from our group without written consent from Moms in Tech.

Our volunteer moderators work hard to keep our groups free of spam and any other unwanted content. We may remove and/or ban you from Moms in Tech and associated groups and/or delete your posts and comments at any time with our sole discretion without notice or explanation. You are responsible for learning and following group rules.

Read our Terms and Conditions in Full

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